What We Believe

The First Presbyterian Church of Matawan is a reformed faith community that believes the Word of God as revealed through scripture, prayer and corporate worship.

We thank God, our Father, for his love and tender mercies in our lives. We confess that we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s plan for us. We acknowledge God’s greatest gift in the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ through whom we are forgiven and receive eternal salvation. We rely upon God’s Holy Spirit to continuously transform and empower our lives.

As believers, God has called us to be the Body of Christ and has given us special gifts. In gratitude, we seek to use these gifts to proclaim the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to those around us. We also seek to show God’s love and compassion to all who are suffering. We seek to offer hope to those who are overcome by the stresses and difficulties of their lives.

We are one community and one in the teachings of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Our Mission Statement encourages us “…to extend Christian love, fellowship, education and worship opportunities…” to the families and individuals of our surrounding communities. We, as a church, recognize the need to proclaim the Word of God as it is written.

We believe as brothers and sisters in Christ's church that we are called to be active in service within the greater community in which we live. As we strive to generate connections within our own church, we are called to witness to our community and to accept as ours their hopes and challenges, their joys and sorrows.

In so doing we become part of their lives and they become part of ours. Together we become a nurturing faith community in which Christians find fellowship, friendship and support from others who share a common set of beliefs and values derived from our faith in Jesus Christ.

We also believe that we are part of the larger missionary church through which we participate in bringing God’s love and salvation to people all over the world.

Our Vision

  • We are a community of faith that challenges its members to give sacrificially to God and the work of God’s church.
  • We are a church in which stewardship is an essential and continuous calling; a church in which members see their time, talents and financial gifts as a means of enabling the mission and outreach of the church, thereby responding to God’s generosity and Christ’s call to discipleship.
  • We are a church that through its faith, its giving and its growth achieves a financial stability that allows development of new programs and the staff necessary to implement them.
  • We are a church in which all members find opportunities for spiritual growth, for friendship and fellowship.
  • We are a nurturing church in which all find a sense of belonging, in which membership becomes much more than just Sunday morning worship attendance. We see a variety of small groups and programs that encourage personal and family interactions including cross-generational activities.

The Face Of The Congregation Of Th First Presbyterian Church Of Matawan

With a core of members with young, growing families we also nurture single adult members, families with teenagers, couples and senior citizens. We are a regional church located in Matawan with members from many surrounding communities.

As a church family, we are friendly people open to all and committed to welcoming new members. Members of our congregation enjoy Fellowship Hour as a way of reaching out to new members and socializing with friends.

Committed To Serving The Community And The Congregation

Our church has a long history of serving God and our local community. We have a strong Christian education program from pre-school through adult education offered every Sunday morning before worship service.

Our highly acclaimed music ministry is an integral part of and significantly enhances our worship services. We have highly skilled musicians and directors.

News and Notes, is emailed to all members on a weekly basis.This provides members and friends of the congregation with news and information. To be included Sign up for NEWS & NOTES