Presbyterian Nursery School is housed in the education wing of the First Presbyterian Church, Rt. 34 and Franklin Street, Matawan.

The rooms were built with children in mind:  big windows fill them with light; a bathroom with a child-sized toilet is in each classroom.  All of the classes have access to two connected rooms:  one with the traditional housekeeping area, blocks and table toys, the second with the more messy, multisensory play centers of sand, water, easel painting, and for the FOURS – woodworking.

The THREES have the Muscle Room to visit daily, with climbing, jumping and balance toys.

Two playgrounds give the children room to run, climb and get fresh air and sunshine.

The THREES’ playground is in the front of the church, nestled in the u-shape of the wings of the building with the fourth side fenced.  A large sandbox in the shade of a maple tree provides timeless appeal for digging and playing in the sand.

The FOURS playground is across the parking lot in the back of the property, fenced in, with trees, open space for running, and a sidewalk for bikes, which are housed in the shed, along with balls, bubbles and bike helmets.