PNS is closed until public schools reopen. Parents should contact child’s teacher for more information.


FPC is glad to be able to provide an excellent pre-school program for the families of our community. Founded in 1967, Presbyterian Nursery School (PNS) has long been recognized as a premier program in the Bayshore area. We provide an excellent pre-school program for families of all faiths and backgrounds.

PNS continues to prepare children for life by building a healthy self-image, promoting trusting relationships, and developing the necessary skills for success in school and beyond.

Educational Philosophy

PNS adheres to the developmental approach, with the curriculum designed to enhance the children’s social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth. The academic emphasis, which is subtle and unpressured, is built into this four pronged approach. We attempt to develop a positive self image in each child, a sense of curiosity, plus a sense of caring about others, and an independence to work within a group setting.

Every class at PNS is: 

  • Divided into blocks of active and quiet times
  • Incorporates creative arts, science, outdoor activities, physical education, music, math, dramatic play, storytelling and language arts
  • Offers opportunities to learn through play with carefully selected materials and purposefully planned hands-on experiences
  • Allows children to be challenged and succeed at their developmental level
  • Encourages the interests and abilities of each child.

Parental Involvement

Founded on the premise that parents and teachers should work cooperatively in the education process, parents do indeed play a major role in our program. We are firmly committed to the belief that this close association is mutually beneficial to parents and teachers, and is of the greatest advantage to the children who witness this dedicated co-involvement.


Each member of the staff is trained and certified in Early Childhood Education. All are members of the Association for the Education of Young Children. Regular in-service education provides current information and understanding of the most effective ways to guide the development of young children.


Programs for children who are 3 and 4 years old on or before October 1 of the school year.

Half-day, 9 to 12 noon. OR full day, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., two, three, four or five days a week.

Families that can “co-op”( volunteer) in their child’s classroom on a scheduled basis receive a tuition reduction.

Early drop-off (8 a.m.) and later pick-up (until 4:30 p.m.) at an $8 per hour rate.

A “Transitional THREES” class for 2 ½ to young 3 year olds begins as a “Parent and Me” and gradually transitions the parent out as the child is comfortable, and toilet-trained.


The Director of PNS is Corky Farry. For information on classes and registration, call the PNS Office at 732-566-9246, or send an email to .

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