We are a strong, diverse, caring community of faith, with
a commitment to inclusion, outreach and social justice.

The Matawan Community Food Pantry is sponsored by Cross of Glory Lutheran Church in Aberdeen and First Presbyterian Church of Matawan. It is located at the Borough Municipal Community Center, 201 Broad & Church Street in Matawan. The Food Pantry is one of the three designated community service missions of our congregation. It helps to carry out the mission of First Presbyterian Church by “sharing God’s gifts” and “exemplifying God’s love”. The Food Pantry provides food to individuals and families in need in our local community.

Volunteers from both congregations operate a Food Pantry that provides two large bags of groceries to community members in need on the last Saturday morning of every month. During Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, the pantry accepts donations of frozen turkeys, hams, special holiday foods, and fresh foods, which are then distributed to the community.