We are a strong, diverse, caring community of faith, with
a commitment to inclusion, outreach and social justice.

Sharing God’s love through local and global missions: 

Local Missions: 

  • The Matawan Food Pantry –serving over 70 families the last Saturday of each month at the Municipal Bldg
  • Family Promise (helping the homeless) –collecting needed items, donations, and gift cards
  • Mission events and Book Clubs–addressing racism, poverty, and social issues 
  • Christmas Gift Giving
  • CROP Hunger Walk–each October
  • Blanket Sunday supporting CWS for community rebuilding
  • Interfaith Dialogue groups
  • Monetary donations to other local groups for social justice and peace.

Our Local and Global Connections:

  • The Presbytery of Central New Jersey
  • Presbyterian Conference Center, Johnsonburg, NJ
  •  Synod of the Northeast
  •  A Five-for-Five church:
    • Presbytery Unified Mission Giving:
      • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)
      • Young Adult Volunteers in Northern Ireland
      • Regional Liaison for East Asia
      • Dora Hjalmarson for her mission work in Honduras
      • General Support towards Israel/Palestine peace
    • One Great Hour of Sharing Offering to fight hunger, disaster and rebuilding
    • Pentecost Offering supporting young volunteers and children at risk. We retain 40% for local causes.
    • Peace and Global Witness Offering to address injustice and to promote peace. We retain 25% for local causes.
    • Christmas Joy Offering to support racial ethnic schools and the assistance to retired church workers.