We are a strong, diverse, caring community of faith, with
a commitment to inclusion, outreach and social justice.

Exceptional Music Program 

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest; heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” – Author Unknown 

Music is an integral part of our worship. From singing and bell choirs composed of adults and youth to Praise and Christian Rock bands to soloists, we are blessed with the joyful sound of music! Our rehearsals are usually on Thursday nights, and Sundays before worship. Contact Music Director Justin Ryan for more information!

Singing Choirs

Singing to the Lord is the earliest, most natural, and most fundamental form of musical worship. We believe that both children and adults grow in their faith through learning and performing compositions from all eras, written by men and women whose work praises the same God we worship today. Singing to the Lord is also a great way to grow one’s congregational leadership ability, especially for young people. Our commitment to choral and vocal praise emphasizes the meaningful expression of God’s Word in music.

Our singing choirs include the Joyful Noise, for Church School ages 3-5; the Alleluia Choir, for younger children; the JoyRingers, for older children, and the Chancel Choir for high school students and adults.

Bell Choirs

Jeff Handbells
Children’s Hand Bell Choir

Anyone can ring a bell! For those who don’t feel comfortable singing — as well as for those who do — bell choirs provide a joyful way to learn about music, form friendships and provide musical leadership during services. You don’t have to start out reading music, but you will find yourself doing so after a couple of rehearsals! We have choirs for all ages and abilities.

Our bell choirs include the Cherub Ringers and JoyRingers for children and the Glory Bells for adults.

Praise Bands

Our Church currently has multiple praise bands, which take turns leading the Pathways service, and a Christian Rock band, who occasionally plays at the Traditional service. We are open to all who want to play and sing!

Outreach Drama Choir 

For children grade 5 and up, this group performs short Christian plays during the 10:30 a.m. service. 

Music Opportunities 

Want to sing or play an instrument? We welcome you to join us!