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The Joy of Generosity

Stewardship Commitment Sunday Nov 13th

Bring your pledge card to worship, or mail it to the church office

When has giving brought you great JOY? Have you ever experienced the joy of giving someone a gift, and you saw the smile on their face when they opened it and knew you had chosen it just for them? Giving to God is a lot like that. Jesus tells us it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35), and there’s a reason for that. That reason is Joy. We find joy when we give, especially as we see the impact of our gifts.

At FPC that impact includes children who are learning about Jesus for the first time in Sunday school, youth who are growing into faithful young disciples in youth group, adults who are learning and growing from studying God’s Word together, people hearing good news at community events or through our website, families who are fed and helped each month through the food pantry, and a church family whose faith is made stronger and deeper through worship, fellowship, music, and more!

Our God is a God of joy and abundance. God gives to us, that we might give to those around us, especially through the body of Christ, the church. We all have many places to which we give, but church is different because it is doing God’s work in this world. Giving to God is also different than other charitable giving because it is an act of faith and trust in God. We give that which is costly, knowing that God will not only provide, but bless us in return!

God is so generous, will we be generous in return? There are so many areas where your generosity changes lives, literally the future of this church!

On Commitment Sunday, Nov.13th you can bring your pledge card to worship, or mail it to the church office. Consider the JOY of giving as you prayerfully decide your 2023 pledge.